Please consider donating to help Ohio families during the epidemic.

Please consider donating to help Ohio families during the epidemic.Please consider donating to help Ohio families during the epidemic.


I am a Nurse Practitioner that believes that we can do better with health care, jobs, and housing through compassion, courage, and true democracy in Ohio’s 12th District.

  • I will not be beholden to a political party, corporation, lobby, or PAC because I only accept donations from individuals.
  • I became a nurse in order to advocate for patients and others in need. The best way for me to help today, is to fix the health care system.
  • I am a worker, not a politician, not a business owner. Ohioans need a real representative in Washington.

Vote by mail before April 28th.

My New Campaign Photo

Social media overwhelmingly agreed: THIS SHOULD BE MY NEW CAMPAIGN PHOTO.

From FACEBOOK on April 22, 2020:

"Today was a difficult day, but we shot the breeze after work to relieve  some stress. We socially distanced while laughing about the ridiculous  of all this and comparing exhaustion. I was just about to walk out he  door when Mallory couldn’t stop giggling about how 'badass' I looked in  my street gear, including my cat jean jacket. It was a long day, and I’m  glad Mallory caught this moment. It’ll be something to remember, for  sure."

Everything about our world, our lives, and this election have changed in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. I have contradicting ideas about continuing the campaign. On one hand, the pandemic has put things into perspective - showing us that we are small, and seemingly insignificant, blips in the cosmos. On the other hand, things like leadership, policy, and democracy have never been more important as we see how our very lives (and livelihoods) depend  on them.

Please vote and make your voice heard. Our lives depend on it.



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